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Can I try the YVAT-portal?

You can request a free one-week trial account. Please email us: [email protected]

What does the portal look like?

Have a look at our demo movie, you can watch it here

Who checks the VAT information & procedures in the portal?

The VAT procedure and the information in our portal are continuously monitored by an international tax consultant (Bart Vanham, former PwC Indirect Tax director and his international network and PwC where needed), who ensures the quality of the services we deliver.

What happens after I send a VAT number request?

Should you require a new VAT number for your trip (this will be displayed in the portal), you can send your request through the portal. We will receive the request, and start the procedure for the VAT number. We have mapped the process and information needed for the request of a VAT number in the main yachting countries. We will fill out the VAT registration forms and inform you about the information needed for that particular country and send the documentation to the yacht owner or representative to sign. After we have received the signed documents and the information needed, we will send the request to the authorities, either by mail, either electronically. The procedure for VAT registration will take 2 up to 8 weeks after having received a complete information set (depending on the country). Once the yacht is registered for VAT, we will take care of the necessary VAT declarations and other related VAT compliance obligations (e.g. annual listing, etc).

How long does it take before I receive the VAT number?

The procedure for VAT registration will take 2 up to 8 weeks after having received a complete and signed information set (depending on the country).

Do I have to wait for the VAT number before departing on the trip?

In principle you do not need to wait for the VAT registration procedure to be completed before departing on the trip. Once we have started the procedure for the application of a VAT number, i.e. you have requested the VAT number through the portal, you can already generate the charter party. In this charter party the applicable VAT rate will be displayed, as well as the fact that you have applied for a VAT number. In case of checks by Customs, this would be sufficient. Once the VAT number has been assigned, you will be notified and you will then be able to generate a proper invoice mentioning the VAT number granted.

How are high seas defined?

The VAT exemptions applied for yachts leaving from Italy and France, include (among others) the condition that the charter trip needs to go through high seas. The UN definition is accepted and suggested by the Italian Revenue Agency and French Customs. In this definition high seas are “the waters lying outside the territorial waters of a country or state: a belt of coastal waters extending at most 12 nautical miles (22 km; 14 mi) from the baseline of a coastal state." For more information on the situation in Italy and France, click here and here.

Do you have a user’s guide?

The portal is easy and intuitive to use. We composed a Quick Start Guide to introduce the most important functionalities to new users. The Quick Start Guide can be found here.