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How YVAT works

Log in with your access codes
When your access request has been approved, you will receive log-in codes. With these codes you can log into our portal from any computer with an internet connection. The first time you will have to register your yacht(s) for which you intend to use YVAT.

Enter the details of your trip
Now, when you have planned a particular trip, go to our website www.iyachtingservices.com and log in. Here you create a new charter party by entering the details of your trip. These details include the dates, route and charter fee of your trip. After completion, YVAT will calculate and display the applicable VAT.

Create the required documents
After entering the details of the trip, you can create the charter party document, the charter invoice and request the VAT number (if applicable). Print these documents as proof of VAT compliance for Customs.

Use YVAT's extra services
The portal will keep your documents securely on record for your convenience. You can also enter purchase invoices related to your yachting trip for VAT recovery. Our service team will process any requests made through the portal and arrange VAT registration and declarations when applicable.

Watch our YVAT demo movie, click here

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