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VAT Solution for Yachts - YVAT

Arrange the required VAT documentation for your yachting trip with a few simple mouseclicks.
YVAT is now available in French, Italian, Dutch and English

The YVAT portal offers an online, easy-to-handle VAT solution for yachts travelling through the European waters. Yacht owners and charter companies have easy access to the VAT information applicable to their trips. They can also generate the necessary charter parties and charter invoices for VAT compliance instantly. VAT numbers, VAT registration and VAT declarations can be arranged through the portal as well.

Pay VAT over the use of the yacht in the country of departure
To comply with the EU rules VAT needs to be paid over the usage of the yacht in the country of departure. Yacht owners and charter companies therefore need to be able to charge VAT in the EU countries where they wish to start their trips. Avoid having to study the VAT rules and registration procedure of each of the EU countries. YVAT offers the tools to arrange VAT formalities easily.

Use YVAT's complete & easy-to-handle tools for VAT compliance
Reduce time spent on VAT compliance to a few mouseclicks with the YVAT package. YVAT includes an online program accessible from any computer with an internet connection. Users will find the relevant VAT information and the necessary VAT compliance tools. YVAT users can:

  • View the applicable VAT rate for the charter trip instantly
  • Create the corresponding charter parties and invoices (proof of VAT compliance for Customs)
  • Arrange the necessary VAT numbers and VAT registration
  • Pay VAT only when required and recover as much as legally possible

For whom
The YVAT account can be requested by charter companies and yacht owners. You can then assign an account to a contact person of your choice who will register the trips.

YVAT services:·
  • VAT compliance portal for the usage and chartering activities of the yacht in the EU
  • Easy online registration of trips and charter activities in the EU
  • Automatic generation of VAT compliant charter parties and invoices
  • VAT registration, VAT returns and VAT declarations when required
  • Up-to-date VAT advice, support and consulting
  • Data archiving to prove fulfillment of VAT requirements

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